Why do we need a union?


UGSW is able to negotiate a Collective Agreement that reflects the nature of our work, stipulating terms and conditions that must be respected by our employer, the University of New Brunswick. Arbitrary decisions and actions by an employer will not be permitted with respect to the contents of the contract. We have a collective voice and are able to make democratic decisions about our workplace. Our stewards, along with our executive and other committees, assist with ensuring the strength and stability of our voices.

Collective Agreements

UGSW Objectives

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Protect, promote and advance the professional, socioeconomic, cultural and political interests and rights of its members, and workers in general.

Actively protect the quality and accessibility of education at the University of New Brunswick and in Canada.

Promote values of social solidarity, equity, freedom, peace, tolerance, democracy and sharing to build a fairer society free of discrimination, harassment, violence, oppression and exploitation. 

Encourage the resolution, through mediation and negotiation, of all conflicts between the members and their Employer.

Promote and support an adequate, positive and safe studying and working environment and to ensure the respect and the protection of knowledge produced.

Encourage and support the organizing efforts of non‐member workers employed by the University of New Brunswick.

UGSW Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Thursday April18st

Tilley Hall 102, UNBF

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