Meeting Minutes and Reports

Annual General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meetings empower the membership to:

  • To determine the overall policies of the Local
  • To elect members to the Executive Committee;
  • To receive, to amend, to accept or to reject all reports and accounts forwarded from the Executive Committee or any other Committee;
  • To ratify, amend or reject any decision forwarded by the Executive Committee
  • To create any Committee that it deems necessary to fulfill the Local's functions, and in particular to designate the Bargaining Committee to prepare for negotiation of the Collective Agreement
  • To accept or reject all proposed Collective Agreements, and accept or reject the Employer's offer(s)
  • To amend or revise the Local's By‐Laws
  • To set the amount of Union dues
  • To vote on the annual budget submitted for approval by the Executive Committee;
  • To ratify the Financial Report approved by the Financial Committee, and all other documents related to the administration of the Local's funds
  • To determine the details of any job action, including a strike
  • To act upon and to decide on all matters that are so judged to be in the interests of the proper functioning of the Local
AGM Minutes
Collective Bargaining

  • Collective bargaining is the process by which we negotiate our employment contract (collective agreement) with our employer. This collective agreement reflects the nature of our work, stipulating terms and conditions that must be respected by UNB.

  • Through collective bargaining we protect and improve our working lives and help to build the labour movement Collective bargaining also benefits society at large by helping to create more inclusive and progressive workplaces.  

Bargaining Meeting Minutes
Bargaining Proposals
Executive Reports
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