Stewards Network

Our Local has two levels of membership representation: Stewards and Grievance Officers. Both are very important parts of our Union. Whether they are selected to represent a Department, Faculty/GAU, or marginalized group, our Stewards ensure the diversity of contexts, needs, and experiences in our working environments are heard and respected. At minimum, it is best to have at least one steward from each department but more are welcome - all members are entitled to this opportunity!

Stewards and Grievance Officers
  • Get to know the members you represent 
  • Make yourself familiar and available
  • Act as liaison and networker between your GAU and the Union
  • Assist with getting information and resources to those you represent 
  • Organize and participate in Union events and workplace actions 
  • Work closely with, and under direction from, your Chief Steward and Executive Committee 
  • Stay connected with, and assist in forming any valuable committees (International Students, Disabilities, LGBTQ2S+, Women, Indigenous, etc) 
  • Attend and share your experiences at Stewards Network meetings
  •  Engage members in Union campaigns
Grievance Officers
  • Meet with members to hear individual or group concerns, complaints, or ideas 
  • Be proactive in identifying and solving problems 
  • Speak informally with supervisors and faculty members to address relevant member issues 
  • Receive PSAC training for handling workplace conflicts and grievances
  • Provide representation to members for certain grievances
  • Assist in mobilizing members if one or more Employers breach the Collective Agreement, UNB Policies, or the law
Curious about what it means to be a steward?
  • Connect with your chief steward ( and the rest of the Executive Committee at to take part or to let us know if you have any questions or requests. 
  • Watch for upcoming PSAC training events & apply.
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